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Susan Allen


I am a Cheshire based artist who enjoys using many different mediums, styles and subjects. I love an opportunity to face challenges with my work. Commissions are always welcome and I donate most of the proceeds to charity.

Susan Allen sample painting
Mary Atherton


I am primarily a landscape painter based in Cheshire. My paintings are an emotional response to my immediate surroundings, be it urban, coast or country. Wales is a particular source of inspiration. I sketch and paint on location and in my studio, in watercolour, acrylics or oils. However I like to experiment with different media and subject matter, and often attend painting breaks to extend my experience. If you would like to commission a painting, please contact me.

Mary Atherton sample painting
Jane Brumby


I studied printed textile design in Bristol which gave me a love of different textures and colours. After retiring my passion and enthusiasm for art was rekindled. I enjoy experimenting with different media, from detailed work using pastel pencils and graphite to watercolour, oils and mixed media. I enjoy working on naturalistic subjects with a special love of trees and industrial landscapes but with a twist.

Jane Brumby sample painting
Wendy E Brunt


Based in Cheshire I try to achieve in my painting a beauty that people can see and an emotion they can connect to when looking at a landscape captured on canvas.
My expressionistic style takes me one of two ways depending on what I'm trying to convey: a more realistic way with more certainty, or a more abstract way where more interpretation is needed.
Oils provide me with the versatility I need to paint intuitively, establishing a connection and living the piece.
For commissions or enquiries please contact me.

Wendy E Brunt sample painting
Joan Davis


After teaching lacemaking to adults for 30 years, on retirement I decided to have a go at art, something I had never done before. I joined an Open College course in Wythenshawe. After a shaky start I started to enjoy the freedom of painting and in due course joined the Art Society. My chosen medium is oils, I find them most forgiving .

Joan Davis sample painting
Alex Doyle


I am a fine artist creating powerful acrylic paintings inspired by the interaction of light, colour, and perspective in natural and urban landscapes. I am fascinated by nature enjoying woodland, fell and moorland walking which provides the inspiration for my painting. Having the time to stop, look and appreciate the wonders of nature –the wildlife, trees, flowers and the interaction of colours and light – is a remarkable gift. I sign my artwork Iannello, my mother’s maiden name in her memory.

Alex Doyle sample painting
Brian Eyden


I am an amateur painter with no formal training. I love colour and the natural world – animals and especially birds. I am also attracted to mountain landscapes and snow scenes (Monet’s 'La Pie', for example). I have drawn natural subjects such as cones and leaves in pen-and-ink, but I now use acrylics, and currently I am concentrating on painting birds.

Brian Eyden sample painting
Liz Fallon


I’m not a professional artist nor a fine arts graduate I’m just someone who enjoys painting. I find it relaxing and enjoyable and what more can you ask of a hobby.
These are some of the things I have done over the years, some better than others, but I have enjoyed doing them all.

Liz Fallon sample painting
Linda Fitton


I am a Manchester-based artist and love painting in different mediums. I take inspiration from wildlife, nature and my local area. I sell work at local exhibitions and sell prints online. You can contact me by phone (01617485045) or email me (

Linda Fitton sample painting
Jane Fraser


I work in various media including oils, acrylics, pastel and mixed media. My main inspiration is the landscape, both rural and urban, though I also paint seascapes, flowers and still life. I love to observe, interpret and record my surroundings, from the Peaks, Lake District and North Wales to the spectacular cityscapes of Manchester. I'm an enthusiastic outdoor painter and member of Manchester Urban Sketchers. Profits from paintings go to local charities (see my website for details).

Jane Fraser sample painting
Michael Gillespie


What catches my attention more that anything is the effect of light in a "scape": land, sea or town. I also make regular forays into portraits and still life. I work mainly in oils though I also use charcoal pastel and watercolour, and I work mostly from photos taken locally or on travels, very often the west country or Italy. I am very happy to discuss a commission.
For sales or commissions email

Michael Gillespie sample painting
June Hall


Retirement brought me the opportunity to try new and often dreamed of pursuits, painting being the first, since when it has become my ‘No.1’ enjoyment.
Colour has always attracted my attention, which I try to bring into my art.
Primarily a watercolourist, with a love of all media, I enjoy painting coastal scenes, boats but then equally as happy with the obscure, rust, old tyres, even still life.

June Hall sample painting
Gill Hamilton


Working from my studio in Cheshire I paint primarily still life and portraits.
I have been a member of the Altrincham Society of artists for over 10 years and was recently elected to the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.
I exhibit locally as well as nationally and in the USA.

Gill Hamilton sample painting
Hilary Harrison


I am never happier than when I am outdoors. I love the countryside, the sea, mountains, and all those wonderful skies. It was therefore natural that I gravitated towards these subjects when I started to paint. Apart from using watercolours at the outdoor sketching days which I love, in my studio I generally use pastels and, latterly oils. They blend so well and are perfect for skies, mountains, trees and seas....I just love them.

Hilary Harrison sample painting
Mike Harrison


To me, retirement offered new challenges and the opportunity to draw and paint without pressures of work. Joining the ASA provided me with a new perspective and the best thing I could have done. Being an avid photographer also provides me with a library of my own reference subjects and start images. I prefer to paint in my studio working under controlled conditions. I enjoy all mediums: pen & biro, oils & acrylics, watercolours, but my favourite remains pastels.

Mike Harrison sample painting
Jane Hawnaur


I am a hobby painter living in Timperley, Cheshire, UK. I enjoyed art at school, getting an "O" level, but subsequently had to focus on the sciences; a busy career then took over my life and my only creative outlet was photography. Since retiring I have rekindled my interest in art and crafts, and have enjoyed messing about with various art materials, subject matter and techniques. I favour watercolours and coloured pencils and am inspired by the beauty of the natural world, especially animals, birds and flowers. Colour and pattern also excite me, and challenge me to interpret what I see onto paper. I can be contacted at

Jane Hawnaur sample painting
Clare Qing Hirsch


I started painting 10 years ago and experimented with several mediums before deciding to concentrate on oils applied using palette knives. I love the natural splendour of the British countryside, especially the rich and varied landscapes of the north west. Trees, water and mountains particularly inspire me and I construct my works from a series of photographs recorded during regular walks outdoors and travel.

Clare Qing Hirsch sample painting


My love of painting came after I took early retirement from my job at Manchester University as a Research Group Administrator. “So a big change for me” I had not taken up a paintbrush since I left school, where art was always my favourite subject. I really enjoy painting and have made many new friends and have had some success selling a few of my paintings and entered into exhibitions.

Pauline Howarth sample painting


I joined Altrincham artists in 2017 with a background in performing arts and drama. Being a member has inspired me in all aspects of art. It's great fun sharing ideas with other artists and I have learnt a great deal from the workshops.
Being creative brings me joy.

Susanna Hull sample painting
Viv Johnson


I enjoy portraiture and figurative art and try to capture the spirit of the person I'm painting, or have my picture tell a story. I am fascinated by the fact that although humans have the same individual features, we all look different and that the challenge of producing a likeness requires close observational skills.

Viv Johnson sample painting
Elizabeth Jones


I have been interested in drawing and painting since I was a child. My work as a primary teacher involved encouraging young people to enjoy art, but not until I retired did I find the time to develop my own skills. I work mostly with watercolours and acrylics, but I also enjoy producing some mixed media work and line drawings.

Elizabeth Jones sample painting
Juliet Jones


I studied at Manchester College of Art and Design rather a long time ago, and I've been involved in art ever since, either teaching or designing theatrical sets and costumes. I'm a practising artist, too, using a variety of media, my subject matter mainly being landscapes, flowers and life drawing.
I joined the Society in 1988, was Chairman from 2005 to 2012 and am currently President. I can be contacted via email:

Juliet Jones sample painting
Mark Kenny


I am an amateur artist living in Altrincham and will work in any medium available. I love the Impressionists and post Impressionists, like Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn. I specialise in portraits because they are a challenge as there's no room for error, but I also love painting landscapes and even the occasional furry animal! Essentially, I paint what I see.

Mark Kenny sample painting
Leri Kinder


I am a watercolourist living in Cheshire. I grew up in Wales where I was captivated by the older buildings there and continue to be interested in stone walls, old oak doors or ones with peeling paint and rusting latches. I try to reproduce the many textures found on these architectural features.
I have a selection of paintings, greetings cards and prints for sale on my website If you are interested in my work or would like to commission a painting please contact me by email or via my website.

Leri Kinder sample painting
Don Mclaren


I am a retired architect living in Sale and have been a member of the Society for 33 years. I run a small informal drawing Group usually in the Studio but due to lockdown now on Facebook. I paint in various media but my preferred is line and wash. I like to sketch the local scene and I am quite famous for my obsession with hatching!

Don Mclaren sample painting
David Mitchell


I am a leisure painter from Cheshire. I have always enjoyed travel and started sketching and painting as an adjunct to taking photographs. I enjoy the process of looking that drawing demands, more so than photography and having paintings of past travels on the wall is much better than old photos gathering dust in albums. I have primarily worked in watercolour for its portability but have recently started using oils and acrylic. I do not sell my work.

David Mitchell sample painting
Jayasree Menon Pakiteeri


I'm a person who loves to have fun with colours. Painting is my hobby and I don't put any restrictions to my paintings. Hence you will find varied subjects reflected in my paintings from landscapes, portraits and abstracts. I take inspiration from my surroundings, places I have visited or even my emotions and thoughts. I would also like to explore different mediums and techniques, my main mediums are acrylic and watercolour. I do sell some of my paintings and 50% goes to charity. You can contact me by email

Jayasree Menon Pakiteeri sample painting
Alan Pedder


I started teaching myself to paint watercolours in 2003 and since then have learned from an eclectic mix of information sources while avoiding private tuition in an attempt to develop my own distinctive style of painting. I have always enjoyed pencil sketching but prior to commencing with watercolours the only serious artworks were several ink drawings completed in the 1970's.
In 2007 I was interviewed and accepted as a member of the Altrincham Society of artists and won the Fred Taylor Cup for watercolour the following year.
To me painting is a solitary hobby where time passes, worries disappear and contentment is found.

Alan Pedder sample painting
Mike Raithby


I am a watercolour artist living in Sale. I have an architectural background which is reflected in my work, much of which is inspired by the rich architectural heritage in Manchester and surrounding areas. The juxtaposition of rural and industrial past in the Peak District and South Pennines also provides inspiration. The watercolours are produced in the studio, frequently working from sketches prepared on site.

Mike Raithby sample painting
Heather Richardson


Retirement gave me the opportunity to rediscover my love of drawing and painting. I like to experiment with different media and techniques and my style varies accordingly. My first love is watercolour which I'm trying to use in a more loose and expressive way. I enjoy using mixed media - often watercolour based, but incorporating collage, pastels, inks and charcoal.

Heather Richardson sample painting
Ann Roach


After studying Fine Art, for over 40 years, I have been a practising Artist and tutor.Drawing is very important to me and I like working from life, especially en plein air. Responding to a variety of subjects, I aim to evoke an energy, mood or a specific sense of place, figure or flower and use a variety of media best suited to that choice. Often mixed media is employed, with the image frequently spilling over onto the mount.

Ann Roach sample painting
Chris Robertshaw


I enjoy painting in both watercolours and acrylics, focussing on landscapes, boats and coastal scenes, particularly North Wales and the North West of England. Recently I have been developing my style using line and wash and creating pen and ink drawings. Further examples of my work can be seen on my website

Chris Robertshaw sample painting
Leslie Robinson


A retired radiographer, now an artist, I continue to have a passion for representing the human form – but what was previously done with x-rays I can now recreate in paint. What’s more my palette is no longer restricted to monochromatic black and white. So you’ll see I go pretty heavy on the colour! Although my preferred subject is portraiture I also paint landscapes and flowers. In painting I feel joy and hope to bring this joy to my audience. I look for the good things in human connection and try to say something about this in my work. I joined the ASA in 2023 and am really enjoying getting to know the wonderful artists in the group.
If you are interested in any of my work please email me at You can also visit my Instagram page to see more artwork

Leslie Robinson sample painting
Tom Russell


My membership of the ASA began in the nineties, after I'd been to some of their exhibitions. I've always enjoyed drawing and being a member of the society enabled me to develop as a painter too.
At the start of 2020 I retired after working as an Electrical Engineer, and I'm finding that art is helping me settle down, with more time to spend drawing and painting. My first love was, and still is, portraiture, but now I'm starting to enjoy other genres requiring different skills and media, so there are lots of new things to learn.

Tom Russell sample painting
Jackie Saxton


I work mainly in pastels, watercolours, mixed media, acrylics and occasionally oils. I studied art and design in Ayrshire, Scotland and now live and work in Cheshire. Although I work in my studio I love to paint on location. I especially enjoy painting in the countryside but equally I’m comfortable painting urban and industrial subjects.

Jackie Saxton sample painting
John Spanton


I am a landscape painter based in Cheshire. I mainly use oil paints, and enjoy painting and sketching mountain and coastal scenery. I have been on many painting trips to The Lake District, Snowdonia and the Pembrokeshire coast.

John Spanton sample painting
Will Swindlehurst


I am a keen urban sketcher, and also a member the Society of Architectural Illustration (SAI).

Will Swindlehurst sample painting
Georgia Taylor


I studied art in Bristol where I focused on sculpture, but always kept drawing and painting. After working as a teacher, I have returned to painting and teaching watercolour to beginners at Open Studios in Altrincham. I love mixed media, working with different materials and experimenting to create different textures. During lockdown I have returned to oil painting and I'm inspired by the lovely light this great weather has given us.

Georgia Taylor sample painting
Chris Temple


I have been sketching most of my life but only joined the ASA in 1998. It is one of the best things I have ever done. My preference is Watercolour and Line and Wash, particularly in sketch books ‘en plein air’. In the past I have ventured into Pastel, Oil and Acrylic but always go back to my ‘comfort Zone’.

Chris Temple sample painting
Tessa Vickers


After studying Textile Design I became a teacher of Art and Design. I have an eclectic range of subjects from landscapes, still life, floral studies and most recently buildings observed in my local environment and on visits at home and abroad. I am particularly interested in closely observed detail which may not be noticed at first glance, such as bark on trees, weathered surfaces, derelict structures and reflections in windows. My favourite media are watercolour, line and wash and mixed media. I accept commissions which include paintings and greetings cards.

Tessa Vickers sample painting