Basil Morrison Rose Bowl

The Basil Morrison Rose Bowl is now awarded for monochrome drawing in any medium. Please note up to and including 2016 The Basil Morrison Rose Bowl was awarded for line drawing. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Basil Morrison Rose Bowl Winners Board

Basil Morrison Award Winners Board PDF

1- Summer 2023 - BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL ( winner) 'Hello Sailer' by Gillian French 2 - Summer 2023 - BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (runner-up) 'Trading Barges' by Mike Harrison s22BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL ( winner) ' Dot Pen Breakers' by Mike Harrison s22BASIL MORRISIN ROSEBOWL (runner-up) 'Fish & Chips twice and a pickled egg for our Eddie' by Viv Johnson s19BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (W) 'Bamboo and Birch in the snow' by David Reid s19BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (RU) 'Root and Branch' by Will Swindlehurst s18BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (winner) 'Uprooted in Dunham Park' by Mike Harrison s18BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (runner-up) 'Seated Model' by Juliet Jones S17BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (winner) 'Olive Tree, Vlore, Albania' by Mike Harrison S17BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (runner-up). 'Bic Biro Bird #2' by Inari Johnson S16BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (W) - 'Shaped by Nature' by Mike Harrison S16BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (RU) - 'Bathing' by Gillian French s15BASIL MORRISON TROPHY (W) - 'World Windows' by Mike Harrison s15BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL - (RU) 'High and dry in brittany' by veronica McDermott S14BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (W)  'Morning, Port Erin, IOM S14BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (RU) 'Ella' by Gillian French S13BASIL MORRISON (W) - 'Hanging Gate' by Gillian French S13BASIL MORRISON(RU)- 'Maughold Church I.O.M.' by Arthur Holt S12BASIL MORRISON (W) 'Giant Hogweed' by Viven Edge S12BASIL MORRISON (RU) 'Past Remains' by Harry Smith S11BASIL MORRISON (Winner) - Two for Tea, Liz Greenwood S11BASIL MORRISON (R.U.) - Landin,Air Brakes On, Mike Harrison S10BASIL MORRISON ROSE BOWL (W) Gillian French - Just for you S10BASIL MORRISON ROSE BOWL (RU) Harry Smith - Devonshire Cottage S09BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (W) Harry Smith -  Waughbrow Farm, Mobberley S09BASIL MORRISON ROSEBOWL (RU) Pauline Marsh (Harcourt-Jones)- Nude

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