Clark Art Award

The Clark Art Award is awarded for drawings and paintings in any medium that capture the spirit of Northern Art . Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Clark Art Award Winners Board

Clark Art Award Winners Board PDF

a225 CLARK ART NORTHERN ART AWARD (W) 'Sunshine and Slate Roofs' by Mike Raithby a226 CLARK ART NORTHERN ART AWARD (RU) 'Snowy Bin Day' by Jane Fraser a219 - CLARK ART AWARD (W) 'The Lady Blacksmith, The Forge, Etruria ' by Jackie Saxton a2110 - CLARK ART AWARD (RU) 'WelI I Never! Gossip in the Ginnel' by Viv Johnson A20199 - CLARK ART NORTHERN ART AWARD ( W ) 'Victorian Chimneys and Slate Roofs' by Mike Harrison A201910 -CLARK ART NORTHERN AWARD ART AWARD (RU) 'In Albert's Shadow' by Mike Raithby a18CLARK ART AWARD (W) 'Moonlight, Salford Quays' by Jane Fraser a18CLARK ART AWARD (RU) 'Pennine Village' by Mike Raithby a17CLARK ART NORTHERN AWARD Winner 'Castlefield Reflections' by Elizabeth Jones a17CLARK ART NORTHERN ART AWARD Runner Up 'Modern Day Manchester' by Mike Raithby a16Clark_art_award_winner_early_evening_macclesfield_by_veronica_Mcdermott a16clark_art_award_runnerup_winter_evening_bollington_by_mike_harrison

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"The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting" Vincent Van Gogh