George Caley Award

The George Caley Award is for line and wash. Line implies a predominant line in pen, pencil, charcoal or pencil crayon strong enough to stand on its own without any wash. The watercolour wash is to be applied solely to enhance the overall effect. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

George Caley Award Winners Board

George Caley Award Winners Board PDF

a223 GEORGE CALEY AWARD (W) 'Harbour' by Gillian French a224 GEORGE CALEY AWARD (RU) 'Moss Lane, Sale by Don McLaren a213 - GEORGE CALEY AWARD (W)  'The Wheatsheaf Inn at Ludlow'  by Alan Pedder a214 -  GEORGE CALEY AWARD (RU) 'Siena 2 ' by Will Swiindlehurst A20193 - GEORGE CALEY AWARD ( W ) 'Rydal Cave' by Chris Robertshaw A20194 - GEORGE CALEY AWARD (RU) 'Hill House Farm' from Kinder Bank by Juliet Jones a18GEORGE CALEY AWARD (W) 'The Bridge House, Ambleside' by Mike Harrison a18GEORGE CALEY AWARD (RU) 'Windmuhle Eickhorst, Germany' by Don McLaren a17GEORGE CALEY AWARD (winner) 'Artists in Collioure' by Gillian French a17GEORGE CALEY AWARD (runner-up) 'Ancient  Olive Tree' by Mike Harrison a16george_caley_award_winner_Elterwater_by_Don_McLaren a16george_caley_award_runnerup_Altrincham_Market_by_Peter_Bolton a15GEORGE CALEY AWARD (winner) 'Vernazza, Italy' by Will Swindlehurst a15GEORGE CALEY AWARD (runner-up) 'Amsterdamin Winter by Elizabeth Jones A14George Caley Winner, Veronica McDermott, Line and Wash A14George Caley RU, Brian Stone, Altrincham Approach A13GEORGE CALEY AWARD (winner) - 'Chesterfield Wharf' by Elizabeth Jones - amended for poster A13GEORGE CALEY AWARD (runner-up) - 'Farchnys Wood' by John Simms A12GEORGE CALEY AWARD(W) - 'The Vegetable Patch'by Christine Temple A12GEORGE CALEY AWARD (RU) - 'Venice' by Don McLaren A11GEORGE CALEY (winner) 'Langdale Pikes from Chapel Stile'  by John Simms A11GEORGE CALEY (runner-up) - 'Lymm, Cheshire' by Will Swindlehurst A10Winner, George Caley Award. Bolton by Bowlands - Don McLaren A10R.U. George Caley Award. Mousehole - Gillian french. A09GEORGE CALEY AWARD (W) Christine Temple - The Old Mill. A09GEORGE CALEY AWARD (RU) Don McLaren - Centre Ville les Montapes.

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