Neville Mudd Award

The Neville Mudd Award is for abstract in any medium. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Neville Mudd Award Winners Board

Neville Mudd Award Winners Board PDF

a227 NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (W) 'First Light' by Di Bown a228 NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (RU) 'Winter Wood' by Adrian Homersham a215 - NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (W) 'Breaking Light' by Mary Atherton a216 - NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (RU) 'Manchester'  by Yamini McCabe A20196 - NEVILLE MUDD AWARD ( RU ) Across The Bay' by Mary Atherton A20195 - NEVILLE MUDD AWARD ( W ) 'Autumn Trees'  by Pat Brown a18NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (W) 'Cafe Noir' by Brian Stone a18NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (RU) 'Cambrian Blues' by Juliet Jones a17NEVILLE MUDD AWARD Winner ''Language of Time' by Di Bown a17NEVILLE MUDD AWARD Runner Up 'Flow' by Juliet Jones a16neville_mudd_award_winner_Floating_Leaves_by_Carole_Henriques a16neville_mudd_award_runnerup_The_red_Field_by_Adrian_Homersham a15NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (winner) 'Winter Undergrowth' by Adrian Homersham a15NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (runner-up) 'Abstract Sunset' by Sarah Morley A14Neville Mud Winner, Gillian Hamilton, Cargo A14Neville Mudd RU, Gillian French, Balcony A13NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (winner) - 'Dreamscape' by Joan Davis A13NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (runner-up) 'Space and Time' by Lynne Mallard A12NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (W) - 'Memories of Crete' by Sylvia Kenyon-Case A12NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (RU_ - 'Source, by Gillian Hamilton A11Neville Mudd (winner)- 'Fading Light' by Mary Atherton A11NEVILLE MUDD (runner-up) - 'Imagine' by Maureen Hill-Willis A10Winner,Neville Mudd. Blue Zing - Zeta Elliott. A10R.U. Neville Mudd. Propellers - Gillian French A09NEVILLE  MUDD AWARD (W) Sylvia Kenyon - Pink Orchid A09NEVILLE MUDD AWARD (RU) Pauline Marsh - Abstract Print.

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