Snelson Bronze Award

The Snelson Bronze Award is awarded for works in chalk pastels only. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Snelson Bronze Award Winners Board

Snelson Bronze Award Winners Board PDF

11- Summer 2023 - SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (winner) 'Sunset over Tatton Park'by Mike Harrison 12 - Summer 2023 - SNELSON BRONZE (runner-up) 'Jess's Hat' by Leslie Robinson s22SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (Winner) 'Sunset Harbour' by Sue Allen s22SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (runner-up) 'Macclesfield Canal' by Tom Russell s19SNELSON BRONZE AWARD(W) 'Evening Breakthrough' by Mike Harrison s19SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (RU) 'Buttermere' by Jane Fraser s18SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (winner) 'Walk in Kefalonia' by Jacqueline Saxton s18SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (runner-up) 'Peaseful Evening, Cornwall' by Sue Allen S17SNELSON BRONZE (winner) 'Rydal Water' by Sue Allen S17SNELSON BRONZE (runner-up) 'Sunlit Hills' by Tony Clapson S16SNELSON BRONZE (w) - 'Elephants on the Shamwari' by Mike Harrison S16SNELSON BRONZE TROPHY (RU) -'Early Morning Dew' by Ron Moore s15SNELSON BRONZE (W) - 'Edge of Bowland' by Jacqueline Saxton s15SNELSON BRONZE (RU) - 'Lymm Village' by Gillian French S14SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (W) 'Northen Lights over Honningvag' by Vivien Edge S14SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (RU) 'Evening Calm' by Tony Clapson S13SNELSON BRONZE (W) - 'Glory of Autumn' by Jaqueline Saxton S13SNELSON BRONZE (RU) - 'Roots' by Di Bown S12SNELSON BRONZE (W) 'Breaking Wave' by Mike Harrison S12SNELSON BRONZE (RU) 'Sunset at Tatton'  by Gillian French S11SNELSON BRONZE (winner) - Blue Bell Woods, Judith Durrant S11SNELSON BRONZE ( R.U.) - Alvor Portugal, Don McLaren S10SNELSON BRONZE (W) Adele Hassan - Hello S10SNELSON BRONZE (RU) Mike Harrison - Loch Leven,North Ballachulish S09SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (W) Margaret Norris - Secret Garden S09SNELSON BRONZE AWARD (RU) Doreen Dutton - Overgrown

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