Award, Fred Taylor Cup

The Fred Taylor Cup is awarded for watercolour or watercolour and body-colour highlights. The inclusion of pencil lines is acceptable provided it is clear that they have been used as guidelines and are not intended to enhance the effect of the finished picture, as in line and wash. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Fred Taylor Cup Winners Board

Fred Taylor Cup Winners Board PDF

5 - Summer 2023 - FRED TAYLOR CUP (winner) 'Piccadilly Circus' by Peter Bolton 6 - Summer 2023 - FRED TAYLOR CUP (runner-up) 'Rose and Grapes' by Susan Earith s22FRED TAYLOR CUP ( Winner) 'Bergamo Old Town' by Peter Bolton s22FRED TAYLOR CUP (Runner  up) -'Rohododendron' by Gillian French s19FRED TAYLOR CUP (W) 'Pin Mill Boatyard' by Alan Pedder s19FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU) 'New Manchester' by Mike Raithby s18FRED TAYLOR CUP(winner) 'Camelia Donation' by Lynne Mallard s18FRED RAYLOR CUP (runner-up) 'Floral Panel' by Veronica McDermott S17FRED TAYLOR CUP (winner) 'Bishop Dale' by Don McLaren S17FRED TAYLOR CUP(runner-up) 'Pale Blue Hydrangea' by Lynn Mallard S16FRED TAYLOR CUP (W) - 'Marson Ground, Windenere' by Chris Robertshaw S16FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU)  - 'Glorious II' by Alan Pedder s15FRED TAYLOR CUP (W) - 'Maldon' by Alan Pedder s15FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU) - 'Autumn Undergrowth' by Adrian Homersham S14FRED TAYLOR CUP(W) 'Autumn Woods' by Judith Durrant S14FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU) 'Ceret No.3 France by Alan Pedder S13FRED TAYLOR CUP(W)- 'Glasson Dock' by Alan Pedder S13FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU) - 'Church Brow, Bowdon' by Don McLaren S12FRED TAYLOR CUP (W) 'White in Green' by Lynne Mallard S12FRED TAYLOR (RU) 'Southwold Boat Shed' by Colin Baldry S11FRED TAYLOR (Winner) - Lakeside, Chris Dook S11FRED TAYLOR (R.U.) - Sledging in the park, Sue Brereton S10FRED TAYLOR CUP (W) Gillian French - Portofino S10FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU) Lynn Mallard - Purple Rhododendron S09FRED TAYLOR CUP (W) Gillian French - Japanese Anemonie S09FRED TAYLOR CUP (RU) Di Bown - Carp

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