Oona Lowsby Award

The Oona Lowsby Award is awarded for works in mixed media.Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Oona Lowsby Award Winners Board

Oona Lowsby Award Winners Board PDF

7 -Summer 2023 - OONA LOWSBY AWARD (winner) 'Herbaceous Border' by Gillian French 8 - Summer 2023 - OONA LOWSBY AWARD (runner-up) ' Wrought Iron' by Linda Laurence s22OONA LOWSBY AWARD (winner) 'Padstow Harbour' by Ann Roach s22OONA LOWSBY AWARD (runner-up) 'Bouley Bay' by Sue Allen s19OONA LOWSBY AWARD (W) 'Artists life in Russia' by Ann Roach s19OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) 'Roa Island' by Jacqueline Saxton s18OONA LOWSBY AWARD (winner) 'Blencathra' by Jane Fraser s18OONA LOWSBY AWARD (runner-up)'Whistling Sands' by Ann Roach S17OONA LOWSBY AWARD (winner) 'Moelfre' by Gillian French S17OONA LOWSBY AWARD (runner-up) 'Russian Memories' by Ann Roach S16OONA LOWSBY TROPHY (W) - 'Silver Birches' by Veronica McDermott S16OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) - 'Putting the world to rights' by Ann Roach s15OONA LOWSBY AWARD (W) - 'Growing Wild in Madeira' by Ann Roach s15OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) - 'Mousehole' by Shirley Cock S14OONA LOWSBY AWARD (W) 'waterfall magic' by Ann Roach S14OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) 'Norfolk Broads' by Pat Brown S13OONA LOWSBY (W) - 'Early Evening Glow' by Mary Atherton S13OONA LOWSBY TROPHY (RU) - 'Tumbling Water' by Ann Roach S12OONA LOWSBY (W) 'Bobbing Boats at Westbay' by Pat Brown S12OONA LOWSBY (RU) 'Old Mill in winter, Dunham' by Mike Harrison S11OONA LOWSBY ( Winner) - Tellaro, Italy. Gill Hamilton S11OONA LOWSBY (R.U.) - Golden Days. Gillian French S10OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) Sylvia Kenyon-Case - Flora S10OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) Pat Brown - Springtime Hilbre S09OONA LOWSBY AWARD (W) Christine Temple - Spring in her step S09OONA LOWSBY AWARD (RU) Shirly Cock - The Yellow Cafe, Venice

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