Betty Day Award

The Betty Day Award is awarded for human portraiture in any medium. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Betty Day Award Winners Board

Betty Day Award Winners Board PDF

a221 BETTY DAY AWARD (W) 'Livia' by Mark Kenny a222 BETTY DAY AWARD ( RU) 'Lambo' by Jane Hawnaur a217 - BETTY DAY AWARD (W) 'Paul the Butcher' by Sue Allen a218 - BETTY DAY AWARD (RU) 'The French Waiter' by Viv Johnson A20197 - BETTY DAY AWARD (W ) 'Abbey' by Viv Johnson A20198 - BETTY DAY AWARD 'Phil The Beard' by Mark Kenny a18BETTY DAY AWARD (W) 'Gerry' by Ken Wright a18BETTY DAY AWARD (RU) 'Inka Girl with Lamb' by Sue Allen a17BETTY DAY AWARD (winner)  - 'The Doctor' by Gillian Hamilton a17BETTY DAY AWARD (runner-up) 'Artist's Model 2' by Viv Johnson a16betty_day_award_winner_Olivia_by_Gillian_French a16betty_day_award_runnerup_Poppy_by_Isabelle_Lyle a15BETTY DAY AWARD (winner) 'Fashionista' by Gillian Hamilton a15BETTY DAY AWARD (runner-up) 'The Philosopher' by Ken Wright A14Betty Day Winner, Elizabeth Jones, Nick A14Betty Day RU, Gillian Hamilton, Boy with yellow socks A13BETTY DAY AWARD (winner) - 'Leopard Print and Scarf' by Ann Roach A13BETTY DAY AWARD (runner-up) - 'Self Portrait' by Harry Smith A12BETTY DAY AWARD (W) - 'It's that Man Again' by Vivien Edge A12BETTY DAY AWARD (RU) - 'Din McLaren' by Harry Smith a11BETTY DAY (winner) 'Delicate Pink (Becky) by Ann Roach a11BETTY DAY (runner-up) 'W.S.C.E.'  by Vivien Edge A10Winner, Betty Day.Zambi - J Moffett A10R.U. Betty Day. Aero Space - Christine Temple A09BETTY DAY AWARD (W) Di Bown - Alan. A09BETTY DAY AWARD (RU) Christine Temple - Screw Loose.

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