Peter Coatman Trophy

The Peter Coatman Trophy is awarded for best landscape, townscape or woodland scene (may include lakes or rivers) in any medium. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Peter Coatman Award Winners Board

Peter Coatman Award Winners Board PDF

9 - Summer 2023 - PETER COATMAN TROPHY ( winner) 'Stormy Skies' by Malilyn Rhind 10 - Summer 2023 - PETER COATMAN TROPHY (runner-up) 'Cheshire Lane' by John Spanton s22PETER COATMAN TROPHY (Winner) 'Canal, Hebden Bridge' by Mike Raithby s22PETER COATMAN TROPHY ( runner-up)'Market Square, Altrincham' by Margeret Berry s19PETER COATMAN TROPHY ( W) 'Snowdrops - West Burton' by Don McLaren s19PETER COATMAN TROPHY (RU) 'Autumn at Dunmam Massey' by Hilary Harrison s18PETER COATMAN TROPHY (winner) 'Cemaes Bay' by Jacqueline Saxton s18PETER COARMAN TROPHY (runner-up) 'Lindesfarne Castle' by Clare Qing Hirsch S17RETER COATMAN TROPHY (winner) 'Dolwyddelan Village' by Marilyn Rhind S17PETER COATMAN TROPHY(runner-up) 'Green Valley' by Di Bown S16PETER COATMAN TROPHY (W) - 'King Street Manchester' by Peter Bolton S16PETER COATMAN TROPHY (RU) - 'Entrance to Dedham Hall' by Don McLaren s15PETER COATMAN TROPHY ( W ) - 'River Tay' by Marilyn Rhind s15PETER COATMAN TROPHY (RU) - 'Trees at les Bois' by Sarah Morley S14PETER COATMAN TROPHY (W) 'Calm before the Storm' by Jean Briers S14PETER COATMAN TROPHY (RU)  'Chill Out'  by Joan Davis S13PETER COATMAN( W)  - 'Cloud Symphony' by Joan Davis S13PETER COATMAN (RU)-  'Tropical Eve' by Olga Meadowcroft S12PETER COATMAN LANDSCAPE (W) 'Stockport- Great Underbank' by Marilyn Rhind S12PETER COATMAN LANDSCAPE (RU) 'Views across the Lake District fells' by Shirley Cock S11PETER COATMAN (Winner) - The Gulley, Helen Blake S11PETER COATMAN (R.U.) - Rivelin Valley, Sheffield, Chris Temple S10PETER COATMAN TROPHY (W) Juliet Jones - Dolwyddelan Valley S10PETER COATMAN TROPHY (RU) Di Bown - Winter Fields S09PETER COATMAN TROPHY (W) Di Bown - Orkney Morning S09PETER COATMAN TROPHY (RU) Mike Harrison - Old Boatyard, Caeronarfon Harbour

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