Wilshire Cup

The Wilshire Cup is awarded for oils, acrylics used as oils, and oil pastel. Works that have won or been awarded a runners up prize for this award are displayed below. Please click on any painting to find out who painted it, and start the slide show.

Wilshire Cup Award Winners Board

Wilshire Cup Award Winners Board PDF

a229 WILSHIRE CUP (W) 'Cheshire Lane 'by John Spanton a2210 WILSHIRE CUP (RU) 'Garden Goose' by Juliet Jones a211 - WILSHIRE CUP (W)  'River Ure' by John Spanton a212 - WILSHIRE CUP (RU)  'Poppy Field'   by Sue Allen A20191 - WILSHIRE CUP  ( W ) 'Gloustershire Walk' by Veronica McDermott A20192 - WILSHIRE CUP ( RU ) 'River Derwent'  by Heather Richardson a18WILSHIRE CUP (W) 'Northumberland Coast'by Juliet Jones a18WILSHIRE CUP (RU) 'Giles on the Tiles' by Gillian French a17WILSHIRE CUP (winner) 'Rannoch Moor' by Jane Fraser a17WILSHIRE CUP (runner-up) 'Wet Winter Fields, Ollerton' by Veronica McDermott a16wilshire_cup_wsea_lavender_norfolk_by_david_reid a16willshire_cup_runnerup_rice_bowl_with_lemmons_by_gillian_hamilton a15WILSHIRE CUP (winner) 'Mallaig' by Gillian French a15WILLSHIRE CUP (runner-up) 'Floral Tribute' by Clare Hirsch A14Wilshire Cup Winner Don McLaren, Walk to Bad Salzufnen A14Wilshire Cup RU Mary Atherton, Arran Beauty A13WILSHIRE CUP(winner) - 'In the Pink', by Mary Atherton A13WILSHIRE CUP (runner-up) -  'Last Sail of the day' , by Mike Harrison A12WILSHIRE CUP (W)- 'Tumbling Hills of Greece' by Mary Atherton A12WILSHIRE CUP(RU) - 'Late August Garden' by Juliet Jones A11WILSHIRE CUP(winner) - 'Anemones in Orange Jug' by Veronica McDermott A11WILSHIRE CUP (runner-up) - 'Water Garden' by Anne Farquhar A10Winner, Wilshire Cup. Alsager Evening - Pat Brown A10R.U, Wilshire Cup. Wave Crest - Mike Harrison A09WILSHIRE CUP (W) Christine Dook - Tea at the Manchester Gallery. A09WILSHIRE CUP (RU) Gillian Frensh - Golden Hornet.

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